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Location:Death City, Nevada, United States of America

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Soul Eater

Age: 15-16?
Occupation: Shibusen Student
Time Pulled: manga, middle of chapter 75

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Black☆Star is basically energy and ego incarnate. He is LOUD, and he absolutely loves to show off. He’s so self-absorbed that he truly believes from the bottom of his heart that he will one day become so powerful and awesome that he will surpass God himself. His ego is so out of control that he will go so far as to hand out his autograph to random strangers, assuming that they are or will eventually be a fan of his. He feels the need to be NUMBER ONE in absolutely everything he does, no matter what and to stand out more than anybody else around him. His extreme self-confidence is built on the fact that his life has been a series of consecutive victories. Any losses he suffers must be made up for, lest this high level of self-confidence wane. He sometimes has the tendency to believe that the people around him aren’t strong enough, and that he therefore has to take the initiative and carry their duties on his own shoulders. This is, however, only because he truly does care about his friends very much and wants them to be at least close to his level (a true equal to a man as great as himself can't possibly exist, after all). This, combined with his own foolhardy-ness, tends to get him into a lot of bad situations. He has a funny way of showing his concerns and affections for those special people, but they are still there.

Despite coming from a rather dark background, Black☆Star is incredibly upbeat. More often than not the star tattoo on his right shoulder has earned him scorn from the people who’d been affected by the actions of the Star Clan during missions, but he never let that bother him: He’s a being that lives only in the present. The past doesn’t matter to him, and the future is so uncertain it isn’t even worth worrying about. He lives his life according to what is happening and what he can do right at that moment without having much concern for the consequences. The history of the Star Clan is especially uninteresting to him: he accepts their annihilation, understanding that it’s what they deserved for their evil doings.

Change wouldn’t bother Black☆Star, drastic or no. He’d simply interpret it as another challenge to work around, and that’s always fun and exciting. However, if he were to find that he wasn’t succeeding at it as well as he wants to be, he tends to get frustrated and reckless to the point of being a danger to himself as well as to others. That said, he more or less understands this about himself and knows that every now and then, he needs help from his friends when it comes to controlling himself. He knows his limits and weaknesses very well, and trusts his companions to take care of whatever he can’t. Black☆Star will only grow and mature from these kinds of experiences: he welcomes the challenge with open arms.

Skills/Special Abilities/Powers:
He’s extremely proficient in a variety of weapons, specifically ones of the ninja variety. Within his arsenal are smoke bombs, kusari-gama (sickle blade things connected with a chain), ninjato (short ninja sword), fuuma shuriken, and katanas. However, Black☆Star is plenty able to defend himself even without any of these weapons. He’s an extremely capable martial artist, having trained in that way for pretty much his whole life. He’s also able to take the wavelength of his soul and turn into a weapon itself; either by blasting it out like an electric wave through the air, or by firing it directly into the body of his opponent to do internal damage on the opponent.

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Black☆Star was born into a long established, but evil ninja clan called the Star Clan (made recognizable by the star tattoos on one shoulder). They were notorious for executing a number of horrible deeds, murdering the residents of small villages and taking all their money and valuables: money was all that mattered to them. Because of this, they were hunted down by the Shibusen Academy and completely annihilated. Black☆Star was the only one left, having been an infant at the time, and was therefore taken in and raised under the watchful eye of one of Shibusen’s teachers, Sid. Seeing the potential in Black☆Star’s abilities, Sid trained him in combat for practically his whole life. As a result, he’s quite possibly become the best physical fighter out of everyone at the school.

That said, he was never a particularly exceptional student at Shibusen. His desire to stand out more than anyone often led him to doing the most ridiculous things: cheating on tests (occasionally he would actually try to get caught so that people would hear about him), skipping class, disrupting class, fighting in the hallway, leaving graffiti on school grounds, etc etc. He may not be very bright or bookish, but he does have his moments of real world wisdom, gems that he’s learned through experience and hardship. He became a meister (weapon user) as soon as he was properly enrolled and quickly found a partner in Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, the only girl who was able to listen to his loud ramblings on the first day of school. Despite their distinct differences, they almost immediately became an inseparable pair, forming one of the strongest meister-weapon bonds of the group.

Upon helping Tsubaki gain another power (her katana form, Demon Blade), Black☆Star quickly learns that using this power of hers is not as simple a matter as with the other modes. Just as soon as he becomes able to use it for longer than a few seconds, a second encounter with a swordsman named Mifune during one of his missions leads to his very first defeat ever. Here, Black☆Star’s self-confidence began to wane. After that, he suffered consecutive losses throughout his missions, and he starts to become obsessed with gaining power and forcing control over Tsubaki’s Demon Blade mode. Ultimately, this gets out of hand, and Black☆Star finds it necessary to temporarily leave Shibusen to train outside of school with Tsubaki, in the company of her family.

It takes a great amount of time before Black☆Star becomes confident enough to return, and even does so in the thick of an epic battle. He immediately faces off with Mifune again, who he considers to be his greatest rival by this point. An incredible battle ensues, in which Black☆Star reveals himself to be completely in control of the Demon Blade mode. Ultimately he defeats the swordsman, now bearing the determination to become the greatest of all warriors, to make the dream that so many before him failed to reach come true.

He continues on his set path, training himself to be better and better as time goes on. When the opportunity to rescue Death the Kidd, who had been captured by the enemy, arose, he took it. He wants to show Kidd how he's changed, as Kidd was the one who helped him open his eyes and change for the better. Along with their other friends, Black☆Star dives into the magical book Kidd was pulled into and makes his way deeper in to find their comrade.

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